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Welcome to bukbro the new and exciting reading platform for both readers and writers.

The power of the written word is as strong as ever and our aim is to help spread this to a wider audience and get more people reading. This website is a simple snapshot of the new platform that will launch very soon. We hope you find it as exciting as we do.

About bukbro

The most exciting reading platform
will be launching soon

A very famous man once said, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ and that’s what we at bukbro are doing.

Bukbro will enable both readers and writers to connect. By introducing an online community where writers and book-lovers can connect. So let’s get intimate.

65% of all book sales are based on personal referrals, so why not have the ability to recommend books you like and be rewarded for doing so. Access leads to interest, which leads to influence. In a time when communication and access to information is instantaneous, why should we wait to see what might happen? Instead, let’s meet our audience, engage with them, and above all write for and read with them.

Together, let’s create a community. For all. Access is key and access is gained through bukbro.

Hangout with authors

Get closer than ever before

For the first time ever, register to take part in live online hangouts with writers. Audiences can engage, ask questions, gain insight and get closer than ever before to their favourite authors.

Authors can increase their profile, talk to fans, create portfolios and list their publications.

Review & discuss

Share your opinion

The platform will enable you to leave honest reviews and comments about the books you are reading. You can share these through a variety of social media avenues, access other people’s referrals, and also connect with like minded readers.

Buy & share

Buy books and share them with your friends

Purchase and share books with friends you think will also appreciate a good read. When you share you both earn credits that can be redeemed against future purchases.

List & sell

List your book and connect to your store to drive traffic and sales

Reach out to your fans, and reap the rewards of direct referrals.

Fans of your work can follow links directly to your website to buy your books.

Social login

One login

A simple login, linking your social network and your bukbro account.

Social Login reduces the barriers to register and login to our site. Allowing users to authenticate their identities through their preferred social network, whilst ensuring that only passionate and – above all – real people connect.

Readers . Writers . Connect

Register now

If you want to receive information about Bukbro and pre-register to use the platform when we go live, please register your details. We will send you regular updates and notify you when we launch.

Be excited… because we are.

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